Sim Dot 5 300


Heirlooms 2001

Button Box

 Button Box Silver, 24 ct gold.

Aromatic Jewellery 2001

Aromatic Ring

Aromatic Ring Silver, perfume infused porcelain.


Orbits Neckpiece Silver, 18ct gold, pocelain infused with essential oil. 

Glassblowing at Northlands Glass 2006

 Necklaces, Brooch, Glass   Silver, 18ct gold, glass.

 Necklace in Ruby Glass Silver, 18ct gold, glass.

Jewel for Japan 2011

Collaboration with glass artist Keiko Mukade.

Jewel for Japan

Tsunami Necklace   Silver, 18ct gold, glass. 

Farlin 2012/13 Fife Contemporary Arts

Stanza Poetry Festival St Andrews & Bonhoga Gallery Shetland

Collaboration with Laureen Johnston, Poet, Shetland.

Night  Poem   Brooch, silver, 18ct gold, handspun wool.

Poems   Brooches, silver, 18ct gold. Handspun wool.

Falkland Centre for Stewardship 2010 "Recycling"

DSCN5000Brooch Broken porcelain jewellery, silver.


Neckpiece   Copper electrical wire offcuts.